My mission is simple: I am here to help you discover and deepen your own inner strength and power with researched techniques that will help you thrive.

Using breath & meditation, focus/mindset and gradual cold exposure  – we can create an empowering shift in our self and with greater resourcefulness live our lives to the fullest.

Who is Wim Hof and what is this method?
Wim Hof is a dutch man with almost superhuman abilities. He holds over 23 world records mostly involved with enduring extreme temperatures and situations. For example: Climbing the Mt. Everest and Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a full marathon above the polar circle in shorts and sandals, swimming up to 80 meters under a sheet of ice, being encased by ice for almost two hours without that his core temperature drops etc.
Not only is he able to perform these feautures, but he is also able to train you to reach your full potential. The method consists of three pillars:
breathing exercises, gradual exposure to the cold, mindset & focus.

Here are some of the possible benefits of these methods:

-ability to thrive in the cold
-greater self-empowerment
-more energy
-better focus, mental clarity
-heightened well-being
-improved athletic performances
-better immune system due to enhanced blood circulation
-enhanced cardiovascular system
-improved flow/balance
-stay relaxed in stressful situations