Daniel Müller – Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor Lv. 2

As a kid I always had the feeling that there is more to life then what meets the eye. I dreamed about being a superhero and having powers to help other people and myself. In later years I almost lost hope in this dream. Until I found the Wim Hof method, or better said it found me. Through this method I not only learned to thrive in the cold, (which was the initial reason after moving to Stockholm and its very cold and dark here in winter) but I also gained a profound understanding of how my body and mind work together. Simple yet incredibly powerful and effective the WHM has given me more then I ever expected. Through the challenges and tools in the WHM I was able to cultivate a power and love for myself that spreads on to others. My physical performance and energy increased, I was able to swim in the beautiful frozen lakes in Sweden and around the globe, my self-talk was more positive, I didn’t get sick anymore, stressful situations I was able to handle with greater ease and with an open mind, concentration levels went up, I trusted myself more and learned about my personal limitations and how I react and handle extreme situations.

In earlier stages of my life I learned various professions that I use today to integrate my practices as for example my musical skills as a musician and DJ which help me motivate you and guide you through the meditation/breath work practices. Ten years of training children and adults in gymnastics provide me with the necessities to hold space with compassion and understanding without losing the goal out of sight.
In my self development work shops called BMS (Body-Mind-Spirit) I share, teach and practice knowledge concerning the well-being and improvement of our connection to our body, mind and spirit. At BMS we engage in physical, emotional, and mental exercises which can be later used as tools in day to day life.

Additionally I was schooled in the facilitation of a ‘rite of passage’. The ancient practice of transformation based on rituals to help us with a smooth transition into a new and better self.

I am looking forward to help you grow and tap into your needs to provide the experiences that will help you reach your higher potential.

Phone number: +46 767 069 177